“The phrase I say the most is do it yourself,” Anthony Walsh told Core Stories. “I swear, Bunnings should sponsor me.”  Walshy’s DIY ethos, crossed with surfing talent, has elevated him to one of the most respected big wave surfers, barrelled humans and in-demand content creators on the planet.

As a teenager growing up at Lennox Head, Walsh remembers making his own water housing to film his brother Stephen on the North Coast points. “I was quoted 20 grand from a company, so instead I made one myself from scratch for a few hundred bucks,” he said. It meant the brothers were always ready to shoot, with no one to get in their way.


This was around 20 years ago, just as Walsh pivoted from a professional surfer chasing the competitive circuit to a free surfer. In its infancy, GoPro picked up Walsh as a sponsored surfer, ambassador and, most importantly, as researcher and developer. By this stage, he had moved to Hawaii, and his GoPro footage of him surfing maxing Pipe and Oahu’s outer reefs and later iconic waves at Namibia, Teahupo’o and Cloudbreak were groundbreaking in giving a surfer’s POV of the world’s best waves.

His DIY approach though wouldn’t leave at that. In addition to his world-class surfing talent, he became a skilled videographer, editor and director. For him, it was common sense. Why pay four people, when he could do it all himself? He now produces larger campaigns for GoPro and other clients he believes in. And he doesn't have to wait for anyone to get their cameras ready, or get stalled if the logistics are on point. He's always ready to roll.

“I like to be ready and ready early, and if someone makes me wait, I’m gone, I’m outta there,” 

In the early 2020s, after 20 years of living on the Oahu North Shore, Walsh moved to Geraldton in Western Australia. It is the mid-point between Margaret River and the desert waves of Gnaraloo, both an eight-hour drive away. The iconic wave of Jakes Point at Kalbarri is 50 clicks away, and there are myriad of secret spots closer to home. 

“In the end, the intensity, the crowds and the testosterone of the North Shore was too much. I had to get away from people,” he said. “And here I love it because every time I go surfing  it’s refreshing and relaxing.”

Walshy packs up his 4WD with boards, fishing rods and spear guns, hooks up the jetski and drives up to three hours (what the locals call a short drive) and invariably gets barrelled alone, or with just a few mates. He still likes to get up two hours before dark and be ready at first light. If there are no waves, the isolated coastline provides some of the best diving and fishing on the planet.

“Ever since I was little kid, I’ve always enjoyed going remote and fishing, diving and surfing and camping with my family,” he said. “They all go hand-in-hand and meld into one. You can do it here really easily in this part of the world. That’s the lifestyle I lead; the rest of the work follows on from enjoying those outdoor passions,” he said.

I told him that he lives a core surfing existence, be it chasing giant barrels around the world, threading desert slabs alone or landing metre-long Spanish Mackerel off giant razor-sharp rocks.

“Core surfing to me is not changing your approach, or worrying about trends, but just to keep doing what you love,” he said. “look at ocean & earth. I’ve been with them for, what, 25 years. They just make the best gear there is for surfers. It’s no bullshit. There’s no need to change. Being core is trusting yourself in what matters the most.”


Now 41, he has remained as interesting and relevant as ever, by simply documenting his life and getting barrelled off his nut. A recent GoPro edit getting barrelled on the same wave with Shane Dorian was yet another new highwater mark in how surfing can be documented.

He works with 4WD adventure, fishing, diving and surfing brands that truly reflect his lifestyle. That allows him to do cool projects with interesting people in fascinating places, keep his family involved and have fun.

“I don’t need to fabricate or fake anything with my content,” he concludes. “that comes from the idea of being core by doing your own thing. If the tail is wagging the dog, your fucked.”