Kanoa Igarashi | My World Title Dream
An experimental 2023 led to poor competitive results but the biggest growth year of his career. And now, for the first time, is he ready to declare himself a World Title Contender.
Ryan Callinan Talks Boardcovers
"A boardbag is probably the main piece of luggage I take when I travel," says tour surfer and all-round good bloke Ryan Callinan. "Now I'm back on the road nine months of the year, I spend so much time dragging them...
Core Stories | Justen "JUGHEAD" Allport
We can’t think of a surfer that fits that bill better than North Shelly firefighter Justen “Jughead” Allport. For the last 20 years, Jug has put himself in some of the heaviest positions, on some of the heaviest waves in the world. He’s done it with equal measures of raw talent and recklessness while holding down a real job and raising a family. His fearless approach has seen him face some truly dangerous situations. And yet Jug always manages to scrape out of them. Sometimes hurt sure, but somehow alive. We asked Jug to talk through just a few of his closest shaves.
Introducing LITE TRAC | Moulded Traction
Designed to elevate your surfing experience, this ultra-modern and cutting-edge series boasts a remarkable lightness and shaves 20% off your favourite standard pro series tail pads, bringing your foot closer to your board for unmatched control.
Core Stories | Russ Bierke
Born in Oahu Hawaii in 1997, Russell Bierke moved to Australia at the age of five and settled in Ulladulla. The son of Kirk, an experienced big wave surfer and shaper, Russell was riding huge waves on big boards aged 10. By the time he was 16, he’d logged tubes at Mavericks, Mullaghmore and a variety of remote slabs across the Australian continent.
Shepherd's Pie | Ryan Callinan
Ryan Callinan is a 30-year-old goofy footer, O & E team rider, and current World No.10 described by Tyler Wright as “one of the nicest humans you’ll ever meet.” We caught up with Ryan at his home in Merewether a few days after he had just returned from the Jeffreys Bay Open. Despite his wife Nina having cooked a homemade shepherd's pie, R-Cal sat down to talk about his year so far, the Olympics and why 2023 has been the best year of his career so far.
South Africa's Big Wave Warm Up | Matt Bromley
Friday 5 May saw sublime conditions at Sunset Reef in Cape Town, South Africa, to usher in the Southern Hemisphere winter. The local big-wave crew would no doubt classify this a "fun" day to clear the cobwebs, but there were a few waves of consequence and even the odd barrel or two.
Something in the Walters | Dakoda & Harley
We caught up recently with both Dakoda and Harley Walters for a little chat. Harl’s was just heading out Snapper rocks, while Kodes was resting his injured ankle he sustained from a crazy corrupt flip in a recent event.
Tyler Wright rings the Bell again!
Tyler Wright for another win at Bells! A memorable year for everyone as the mid year cut comes closer and closer!
The Bug
Originally designed for micro groms as a soft and stable entry level board. It was soon discovered that The Bugs were also small wave fun machines for surfers at the other end of the scale.
Bullet Epoxy Softboard | Dakoda Walters x Stacey
Dakoda wanted a board that accumulated all of the speed attributes of a twin fin but packed a tonne of drive and could hold on rail like a performance thruster.
Watch Ryan Callinan's | Beneath a Pear Tree
Ryan's latest film shot on location in Hawaii, Portugal and Australia. Enjoy
Tahiti with Matt Bromley and Russ Bierke
Not that you need to add more fuel to the fire, but watching Matt and Russ trading off 4-6ft blue barrels at chopes will take any uncertainty away of whether you should book your next surf trip, wherever that is.
Bullet Epoxy Softboard | Dakoda Walters x Stacey
Dakoda wanted a board that accumulated all of the speed attributes of a twin fin but packed a tonne of drive and could hold on rail like a performance thruster.
Summer Softboard Guide
Who doesn’t love a soft board? Soft Boards are super fun and can be ridden in a variety of surf conditions! Ocean & Earth sell an exclusive range of soft boards tailored to your surfing level.
Forces of Nature | Super Storm
A technical & functional collection designed to protect you from the harshest elements our planet can throw at you.⁠⁠ It's an oversized jacket with a windproof/ water-resistant outer material and a toasty warm sherpa fleece lining.