Summer Softboard Guide

Summer Softboard Guide

Who doesn’t love a soft board? Soft Boards are super fun and can be ridden in a variety of surf conditions! Ocean & Earth sell an exclusive range of soft boards tailored to your surfing level. 


Epoxy Softboards


A range of modern fun board shapes to suit everybody, constructed with high quality, durable materials: triple stringer, EPS core, slick bottom, soft textured deck, 6 Oz E-Glass and dual tab compatible fin boxes. All soft epoxy's come with a set of soft PU fins and fin key. Stiff, epoxy construction suited to the surfer wanting more performance, but without losing the fun of a soft board. Looks like a soft board, rides like a real board⁠⁠⁠!




Learn to surf - first board in your quiver from groms to adults. Intermediate to advanced. Even if the waves are bad, foam out and never miss a single session. Designed for fun!


The Bug Softboards


Learn to surf micro grommets. Looking for a soft board to start the groms on early? The Bug Mini Soft Board is the perfect introduction to waves; with a soft, durable deck and soft PU fins. This board has been designed for supreme stability to help the young ones learn and have a fun time! Foam out no matter how good the waves are.